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close up of wheat fieldIf you are one of the many individuals in the southeast Michigan area suffering from allergies due to pets, insects, food, or environmental substances, relief is here. Whether your symptoms are acute or chronic, or just seasonal, many can be eliminated or controlled by determining the right preventive treatment. Established in 1958 by Cory Cookingham MD, Cookingham Beene Allergy & Asthma Associates is dedicated to improving the quality of your health and life through prevention.

Drs. Cookingham and Beene take the time to get to know you and listen to all your concerns. Your allergy symptoms can be controlled with help from our experienced and dedicated team. We offer three locations, including Flint Township, Port Huron and Birch Run. Our Birch Run office is located in the St. Mary's Ascension Health Medical Center on Birch Run Road, 1 mile east of Dixie Hwy.


Allergy Diagnosis & Treatments

Apple garden green sunny backgroundAllergic reactions result when your immune system reacts to various substances in the environment, including mold, dust, pet dander, pollen, and even certain foods. The reactions can affect many different areas of the body, such as skin, eyes, stomach, and airway. Treatments can control these symptoms through avoidance, medication, and desensitization shots in some cases. With understanding and compassion, we evaluate and test thoroughly to find the best treatment option for you.

Allergic conditions evaluated in our office include:

Asthma: Inflammation can cause airways to swell and narrow, preventing air from flowing freely through the lungs. Although asthma has no cure, it can be controlled with the proper medications.

Hay Fever: Also called allergic rhinitis, this condition affects millions of adults and children. Sensitivity to airborne mold, pollen from trees, and grass can occur year-round. Treatment options include medication, avoidance, and immunotherapy (shots).

Eczema: This skin condition often appears on the skin of the face, hands, knees, and elbows. Also called Atopic dermatitis, there is a strong connection to this condition and later development of asthma. Identifying the cause and managing the symptoms is key to preventing flare-ups of this allergy.

Hives: This condition can be caused by medications, foods, or a host of other external sources. Skin, blood, stool, and urine testing can provide useful information about what triggers hives and how to avoid them.

Recurring Sinus Infections: Allergies or structural problems can be the source of acute or chronic sinus infections. Some people may have more than one factor that makes them susceptible, so accurate diagnosis and management are important to treat the condition successfully.

Food Allergy: Skin reactions, as well as gastrointestinal problems, can result from a variety of different food allergies. Often it is the food protein or a drug-like chemical additive that triggers the allergy. Elimination diets and allergy testing can help you find out exactly which foods you need to avoid.

Gluten Sensitivity: Intolerance to gluten can result in the inability to absorb nutrients from food leading to a host of related health problems. Accurate testing and a closely monitored diet can provide relief from uncomfortable symptoms and negative side effects of the condition.

Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE): This condition decreases the ability of the esophagus to accommodate swallowed food. It can be caused by either genetics, acid reflux, or a food allergy. EoE often occurs in tandem with other allergies, and certain medications and diet therapy can help alleviate the symptoms.

New allergy treatments are discovered regularly, and we place a high priority on staying current on all the options available to help you manage symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Comprehensive Allergy Relief in Birch Run

New patient and follow-up appointments are available at all our southeast Michigan locations. Evaluations include a history and physical exam performed by one of our caring physicians, followed up by pulmonary function testing and allergy skin testing. Our skilled team can help you discover which treatments help with a wide array of symptoms, from mild to severe. For more information about new patient exams, testing, and treatment, call our experienced team today!



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