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Cookingham Beene Allergy & Asthma Associates, P.C. has had six M.D. allergists in the immediate family. Their clinics have served patients in the community for over one half century. Dr. Gail Cookingham’s father and Dr. Joel Beene’s father-in-law, Cory E. Cookingham M.D., began his allergy and asthma clinic in 1958. Three of his children pursued a Doctorate of Medicine to become allergists. There have been 9 Medical Doctors in the immediate and extended Cookingham Beene family spanning three generations. 

Training to become an allergist requires;

• Baccalaureate Degree: 4 years

• Medical Doctor Degree: 4 years 

• Internal Medicine or Pediatric Residency: 3 years

• Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology Fellowship: 2 years

• Thirteen years of education and training with approximately 50,000 hours are required to become an allergist.

Drs. Cookingham and Beene believe in providing their patients with the highest quality asthma and allergy care through allergen avoidance and disease prevention. We strive to ease the year-round and seasonal sneezing, headaches, ear infections, and asthma symptoms experienced by many people in southeast Michigan. And, we hope to ease our patients’ chronic gastrointestinal discomfort by identification and avoidance of relevant food allergens.


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